Suggestions for Playing Capsa Susun

Susun box

Also known as Capsa Susun, or Chinese Poker, this game is one of the favorite games of many players because it offers a fun and packaged game for strategy in the game.

In Togel Hongkong, it also has instructions to win in the game, so that this game can be smoothly defeated and you can significantly reduce your level of defeat.

You can immediately put into practice the directions that will be given now that you have read the directions I am giving below. And the details will include you with a bigger chance of winning if you succeed in implementing the advice that will be given.

Place the Share Card Right

Many players who are still learning often suffer heavy losses due to minor difficulties such as making the wrong card. Due to this, care must be taken when managing card placement so that card preparation is not a problem.

In card preparation, of course, you must be familiar with the level of hand in this poker game. For that, you can act quickly so that you don’t misinterpret the cards. The deck is the same for other poker games, so anyone who has played poker, such as Texas, can immediately recognize the level of the cards.

Selection of Capsa Susun Card Position

Of course when playing capsa susun, I especially like to put up the lowest card or the strongest card. However, apart from calculating the strongest card, apparently it is more important to take into account tricks in order to achieve victory in the calculation of points.

Therefore, in order to strengthen your second or first hand, you can win more smoothly than just focusing on very strong placement cards. For each existing row, only one value is totaled per row.

Target Special Combined Cards

In the capsa stack gambling game, each line has an exclusive card that you can earn extra value if you manage to get it. For example, the best card is 3 types, the second line card is full house, and the last line card is 4 types. If you are in hockey, you can win dragon cards immediately.

By targeting these additional decks, of course, your payouts will be higher, and you and can lighten your way to win. Because of that, for every game that exists, you must be able to use each row as much as possible to win or reduce the number of losses that exist.

The Benefits of Being a Ceme Online City

Ceme online gambling game is a game played using domino cards. This game is one of the games that are very popular with online gamblers in Indonesia. This game also has a short game time compared to other games available.

In this game, players have the option to play as a player or play as a city. But in this discussion I will discuss about the benefits of playing into the city of Lagutogel.

Players need to know, when they want to be a city, then players need more capital than usual to sit in the city seat. However, by spending more capital, it means there is more profit not in this gambling game.

Let’s see together what are the benefits that can be provided in the Ceme gambling game as the following bookie.

Have a Big Chance to Win

In playing as a city, players will play against 7 other players when the table is full. In gambling, when you bet against 7 people, then the chances of winning will certainly be higher.

Even if a player loses against 1 player, the player still wins against 6 other people. That way, the prizes you get will definitely be bigger every round because the losing player’s bet can cover the winning player’s prize.

That way, becoming a bookie becomes the main choice for players to win more easily.

jackpot ceme

Chance to Win Jackpot Ceme City Online
In online ceme games there is a jackpot that is very interesting to look forward to. With players becoming bookies, players can get a bigger jackpot opportunity. Again, the odds are even greater by comparing the cards with 7 other players.

The city also gets a bigger chance of winning because in buying the jackpot, the city also pays a jackpot of 7 players in it. That way, of course the city is given a chance to win a bigger jackpot than regular players.

Of course, when compared to ordinary players who have to compare their cards to dealer cards only, the dealer who has the opportunity to have the opportunity to compare 1 card with 7 other cards is better at getting the existing jackpot.

With the explanation of the advantages of being a bookie, of course overall, players can win by becoming the existing jackpot. However, not every day the dealer can achieve the existing victories. Therefore, choose a day that is good for you in the game.

Choosing a Reliable Sbobet Agent

An online gambling site that is very complete and also the best right now is a sbobet gambling agent site .

And online gambling lovers must know this site very well.

Sbobet is a company originating from the Philippines. Where the government is in control of the site. So that all activities that operate on this site must be directly monitored by the government.

The quality of the sbobet gambling site certainly doesn’t need to be doubted.

Where this site has succeeded in being ranked first in the Asian region.

As the best online gambling service provider. On this site there are various types of gambling games that are very complete. You can play all the games contained in it. And all the games you can play using only 1 user id.

So you don’t need to have many user IDs when you want to play gambling in different fields.

For example, you want to play gambling in sports such as football betting.

While waiting for the match to end, of course you want to play other games, such as slot gambling.

You can play all that by using only 1 user id.

And you don’t need to log into a large number of accounts. Which of course this is very troublesome for you.


This sportsbook is a part of the gambling game on the sbobet site.

This game is very popular and is the hallmark of this site.

Sportsbook is also the most sought after game by gambling lovers.

Because only sportsbooks provide the most comprehensive range of sports betting services.

Sports competitions from all types of fields are available in full here without exception.

Even in the fields of chess, arrows, gymnastics, etc. which you might think are rarely gambled on.

Here you can find everything.

Even in the sportsbook on this sbobet site, all sports matches that are at stake can be watched live.

So you can also watch the excitement of every match you do.

So you can enjoy the fun of the match as well as make a bet.

Where you can get double the fun when you make this bet.

Because your bet is not just making bets and waiting for the final result without you knowing how the process is.

For this reason, this sportsbook gambling is very attractive to sports gambling lovers.

Apart from being able to watch live matches, you can also enjoy other gambling facilities on this Air Togel site.

Agent Sbobet

If you want to try the sportsbook gambling game on sbobet, or any other type of gambling.

The first thing you have to do is find a trusted sbobet agent first.

For those of you who are playing online gambling for the first time, surely you are confused about what is meant by an agent.

The sbobet agent is an intermediary party that will connect you with the sbobet center.

Because this sbobet site is a giant site in Asia, this site is also very well known throughout the world.

So this site has many agents on duty to help the site to carry out its duties.

Because this site is very large, and the enthusiasts are also very much.

So this site also needs help from sbobet agents.

Because there are many people who are interested in sbobet gamblers and spread from all corners of the world.

Usually this agent will be placed in each country. So that transactions and services will be maximized.

Because transactions will follow the local currency in each country.

And also language services follow the local language in the country.

For example in Indonesia, a designated sbobet agent will use rupiah currency as a transaction tool.

And also Indonesian in their complaint service because not everyone in Indonesia is able to speak foreign languages.

For that, make sure if you choose a trusted agent who has been officially registered as an agent at the central sbobet.

Because playing gambling at a trusted agent will guarantee your betting experience will be more enjoyable.

Because the official agent will definitely number all the interests and satisfaction of the members.

How to Register at a Sbobet Agent

How to join the sbobet agent so that you can play every game provided is very easy

There are various ways you can join this agent so you can make any gambling bets in it.

Next, I will tell you how to easily register with sbobet agents.

Register Through Customer Service
The first way to do this easy registration is through customer service at the agent.

You can register via CS who guard the livechat at the agent.

You can find this Livechat in the lower corner of the site that you have chosen.

You immediately chat to the vigilant CS and say you want to register.

After you say you want to register sbobet, then you will be given a form to fill out.

The form that you must fill in contains your full name, telephone number, account number, and the type of bank you are using.

You must fill in all of this properly and correctly, so that later there are no data errors when checking data.

2. Register via the registration form
Next is to register via the registration form at this sbobet agent.

You can find the registration form and click on it.

After that you will enter into filling in the necessary data.

The data required by the agent in order to carry out this registration are:

Full Name: in this section you fill in the full names of potential players.
Bank Type: in this section you choose the type of bank you use to register.
Account Number: in this section you fill in the account number that you have.
Mobile Number: in this section you fill in the number you have and must also be active.
Email Address: in this section you fill in the email address that you have and must also be active.
Referral: you don’t need to fill in this section, because you register by yourself.
Here are some of the fields that you must fill in to register.

After filling in all of these fields, you just click register. Later your data will be checked first before giving your id and password for you.