Suggestions for Playing Capsa Susun

Suggestions for Playing Capsa Susun

Susun box

Also known as Capsa Susun, or Chinese Poker, this game is one of the favorite games of many players because it offers a fun and packaged game for strategy in the game.

In Togel Hongkong, it also has instructions to win in the game, so that this game can be smoothly defeated and you can significantly reduce your level of defeat.

You can immediately put into practice the directions that will be given now that you have read the directions I am giving below. And the details will include you with a bigger chance of winning if you succeed in implementing the advice that will be given.

Place the Share Card Right

Many players who are still learning often suffer heavy losses due to minor difficulties such as making the wrong card. Due to this, care must be taken when managing card placement so that card preparation is not a problem.

In card preparation, of course, you must be familiar with the level of hand in this poker game. For that, you can act quickly so that you don’t misinterpret the cards. The deck is the same for other poker games, so anyone who has played poker, such as Texas, can immediately recognize the level of the cards.

Selection of Capsa Susun Card Position

Of course when playing capsa susun, I especially like to put up the lowest card or the strongest card. However, apart from calculating the strongest card, apparently it is more important to take into account tricks in order to achieve victory in the calculation of points.

Therefore, in order to strengthen your second or first hand, you can win more smoothly than just focusing on very strong placement cards. For each existing row, only one value is totaled per row.

Target Special Combined Cards

In the capsa stack gambling game, each line has an exclusive card that you can earn extra value if you manage to get it. For example, the best card is 3 types, the second line card is full house, and the last line card is 4 types. If you are in hockey, you can win dragon cards immediately.

By targeting these additional decks, of course, your payouts will be higher, and you and can lighten your way to win. Because of that, for every game that exists, you must be able to use each row as much as possible to win or reduce the number of losses that exist.